LET ME SAY | Here on the root~top

There’s a tree. The tree has many branches. Each branch has many leaves, flowers, and seeds. I create my work from a seed I get from some trees and I grow my tree. And the tree grow up with a lot of branches. Each branch has many leaves, flowers, seeds. Someone may take the leave, flower, or seed to create something ..or not. That doesn’t matter. 🙂

I decided to create a blog to share something here. Bit by bit. This blog is about arts in many forms. It may be my dance project I am working on. My drawings. My photos. My poems which are 80% in Thai and 20% in English. Though the works are in different forms, and they are in many ways of communicating, they will all focus on people and their relationships to others, to themselves, and to the world, from my own perspective.

I am a Thai girl who is now living in Singapore. Working in a contemporary dance company. Be a dancer, be a teacher, teaching elderly people and kids. At the same time, be an arts teacher. Funnily, I didn’t know how to draw or do any arts work until I had to teach arts. Then I know, people are capable to do anything if there’s no judge. Also, I am a yoga student who happened to take a teacher training course and have had many chances to teach others and I can learn a lot from them. At the same time I am trying to find the secret connection which links energy with breath using my opportunity as a contemporary dancer to do some research on it.

But why is this important to you? Why do you want to spend some time checking what I share? Well, I can’t promise that you’ll like it. However, I have made a decision to share cause I am a true believer of sharing and inspiring. This is what I believe : “Many souls, many ways to communicate. You may find your way in others’ souls. You may find your soul in others’ ways.” Life is journey. We walk our own path but we will never walk alone. We are creating our ways to walk on, and someone is building one’s road not very far from us. We are all everyone’s companions.

No one can create out of nothing. It must start with something. If there’s no seed, how can the tree exist? I took seeds from many people. And here are my trees. Without I knowing it, my trees may yield some seeds for others. That doesn’t mean my works are good. But it can mean that they are so bad that someone cannot take it and need to do something better. And if you have some spare time, please kindly leave your feedback in the comment box. I am a traveller and I need a map sometimes. From where you stand, you may see things clearer and please share that with me too. And I will super duper appreciate.

That’s all for the first blog. I hope you come back here again.



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