SITE SPECIFIC | With No Theatre

(This is the short version of the whole thing – 30 seconds only. More to come, of course!)

Before coming to Singapore to work in a ‘proper’ contemporary dance company, I didn’t know what site specific work was. But I did it already, mainly because I had no choice.

What could I do? I really wanted to dance my life out. I was with Bangkok City Ballet company at that time. It was a good ballet company, maybe the best one in Thailand, but it was only a part time job and my soul was hungry for more. I wanted to dance more. However, there was no place for me to really ‘express’.

What could we de when no one wanted to see. No one gave it a shit. It was an absurd activity for kids. It was not a real job. Noe one could earn money from it. Dance was only for being in the background, in a club, for the nightlife. They had never known how hard we worked on our bodies. They had never cared that dance can really transform people’s lives. And it had already transformed us. We dedicated our lives for it but in the end there was no stage to express our passion and tell the world that ‘DANCE IS ARTS’ – and ‘ARTS IS LIFE’.

That was painful.

That evening I was sitting with my four best friends in a cafe in Siam area – the busiest and liveliest area in Bangkok. We looked through the glass windows at the busy crowd outside. Then one of us asked “Shall we do something? Do you still have dance clothes with you?”

Then we just went outside and danced. Yeah! let’s go into the audience.

And that marked the beginning of my journey with my four best friends. We expressed our passions in a way no one would do it in Thailand. That was a fight. We were fighting together … for what we believed.

And we got a lot of audience. Some looked at us for a while and walked away. Some found a seat and be our audience until ‘the show’ finished. One of them, being so interested in what we did, offered us a meal after wrapping up. And we accepted his kind offer. Five of us (including another friend helping us holding the camera) got into his small car and we became friends after that. But until now, I still prefer to call him .. Mr.Stranger. Yes, we were stranger.

To be continued.


(about this video)


MUSIC : Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie – La Valse D_Amélie

PLACE : Siam Center / Siam Discovery, Bangkok, Thailand

CAMERAPERSON : Arm Chansirinthorn

PERFORMERS : Aditep Buanoi, Annla Angwara, Sangtip Wareesangtip, Mimie Tav



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