The ‘OTHER’ Me project | Improvisation on the thing which is not my own body

I am familiar with dance improvisation. But when it came to piano, I was not so sure I could do it until last Saturday while I was waiting for my art students in the classroom and the piano was there waiting for me to start exploring. (Again, I had never known before that I could draw anything until I needed to teach. I will share with you about this thing in another blog.)

More and more I found that being an artist is like being a hub of inspiration. Ideas and thoughts come and the artist need to translate them into something through some mediums. The stream of creation will never stop. I improvised this having the theme of The ‘OTHER’ Me dance project in mind. I think maybe I can use some of the material here and develop it for this dance piece.

Again, I am not saying this is the best work. I am not sharing with you because it is good. But I am waiting for your comment or advice if you have one. (Thanks in advance :)) By the way, I know that the sound quality is super bad. Apologize for that.

To be honest, I am so happy I can still play piano. And I had never imagined before that I could really do the improvisation on it! 😀


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