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SITE SPECIFIC | Blissful dance on the hill

I was on the hill somewhere in  India. The song by Deva Premal – Chidananda was in my head and the surrounding was beautiful. And I started to move.

I had been a dancer/movement artist for all my life. Things stopped when life force me back to my country. I was lost and couldn’t feel the new ground under my feet. Watching myself dance on the hill help realign my self a bit.

After all I still miss dancing with my ex company in Singapore. In other words, I miss my life. But this feeling shall pass. The road doesn’t end. I just made another turn.


SITE SPECIFIC | It just happened

It was on the New Year’s Eve, 31st December 2012

I just finished the hardest year in my life then. I went back home in Bangkok (with no coup de tat at that moment) to celebrate New Year with my family including my brother-in-law. They were quite surprised that I actually could dance everywhere in any outfit.

Inspiration? Just the beautiful light and the gorgeous moon. Plus, we just had to wait for so long before the count down began. So? I danced!

Music : Plus d’hiver by YANN TIERSEN

SITE SPECIFIC | Metal Bridge

More than one time in my life, dance, especially when it came to site specific work, proved what they say that friend is someone who you can go crazy with. The guy in this video is my best friend, both in dance world and in yoga world. He rented a motorbike and took me to out one night to dance around Chiang Mai, the lovely city in the North of Thailand.

I learned over the time that site specific work is not just putting the work into the place. The relationships between dancers and the space is very important. The ‘feeds’ that the space give to the dancer is what we are looking at. And the way dancers or choreographers response to it will make the work interesting… or not.

By the way, this one was not choreography. We were on holidays and decided to play together. Based on improvisation again.


dancers : Kenneth J. Suwan and Mimie Tav
music : Toute est Calme – Yann Tiersen

SITE SPECIFIC | When I Was a Monkey

This one reveals the rehearsal time for one past production of the company I am working with now.

When I came to Singapore and started working with this company, I was introduced to the concept of site specific performance. It was very new for me at that time. I was .. WOW! Theatre was not necessary anymore. We could actually dance anywhere, and more, we could let the space’s condition play a part in our dance making process and have fun with it. And after that I have become a big fan of site specific work.

For me, what I love most about site specific work is the challenge it put on us and how well we can response to the challenge of the space. And I remember a lot of mosquitoes flying around. eeeeeh! But it was fun anyways. (And every time I smell OFF mosquito repellant spray, I would think of this show.)

What about you? Have you watched or participated in the site specific work? Do you like it? Please share with me.


(This rehearsal was for Folly of the Garden II by the Arts Fission Company (Singapore) 26-29 July 2012)